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Jan 18th
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Tools for Agile ERP Implementation

dreamstime_3388623_tools_150Agile ERP Implementation is an extremely dynamic process. The work iterations are very short and require a very efficient project management process supported by tools that will minimize time and provide reporting for visibility for the project status. It is also very important that the project team is well trained and understands the values and priorities of an Agile Implementation. We have developed a set of tools that will help us support the predictability and repeatability of the agile implementations such as: Role Tailored Process Model, Process Focused System Selection Questionnaire, Value Focused Project Management tools, Data Conversion Tool, Process Focused User Manuals and many others that make Dynamics NAV more suitable for an Agile Implementation.


We have focused our investments in developing tools that will minimize the amount of rework from project to project and allow our project team to use customer resources whenever is possible by providing easy to use tools. Our implementations are based on the three levels of the Role Tailored Process Model:

  • Business Network Diagram - defines the business environment the company operates in.
  • Integrated Business Planning Process Model – defines processes and human roles involved in day to day management operations like Financial Planning, Sales & Operations Planning, Distribution Requirements Planning, Raw Cut Capacity Planning a.s.o.
  • Operational Process Model - defines each individual process and human role in the company in relation to the ERP system. This level model is developed specifically for each company starting with our base model that covers about 90% of the operations of a general manufacturing and/or Distribution Company. Our process models are developed using BPMN 2.0 and allow setup simulations to verify performance metrics for different workloads and resource availability. 

The Process Focused System Selection Questionnaire addresses the first two levels of the business process model and defines the major area of the ERP System that have to be included in the implementation. By answering a set of roughly 200 questions we are able to define most of the additional functionality that will be required and prepare estimates for the system implementation.

The Data Conversion Tool is used to transfer data from virtually any system that supports an ODBC connection or flat file export to Dynamics NAV without a single line of code. This allows us to work together with the customer on the base data conversion and prepare a base system including customer data within few days.  Our tool allows us to define conversion templates that, once tested, will allow most of the conversion work to be done automatically.

The Value Focused Project Management tools were developed to measure the value provided by the completion of each task throughout the implementation. The toolset consists of a project task list database with Project Value Metrics assigned to each task. Each task is assigned to one or more process steps allowing us to see the value added to each individual process and process step and which people will be affected by each task. At the same time our tool enforces the “Minimal to Go-Live Time” rule by not allowing any task to be placed into the next work iteration without defining how this task will affect “Go-Live Time”.

Process Focused User manual is designed around the Operational Process Model. We strongly believe that each person in the company should understand how their work will affect other people and processes in the company. Even though each person is only trained on the functionality assigned to them, they will have an understanding of the steps performed before and after their own to insure that work is done on time and with minimal mistakes.

The Additional System Functionality is developed by RealTime IT Services and our partners and is seamlessly integrated with the base Dynamics NAV system. We are working with a wide range of partners to insure that we can provide the most value to our customers and we are constantly searching for the best functionality available for Navision.


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