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Jan 18th
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Agility and Manufacturing
This white paper describes the general principles of agile manufacturing and how these principles relate to manufacturing functionality within Microsoft® Business Solutions–Navision®. The first section describes in general terms the challenges that manufacturers are currently facing. The second section goes into more detail regarding the challenges arising from a changing marketplace and explains how agile manufacturing can help companies manage and master that change. The third section
Industrial Equipment

Industrial equipment companies have long recognized the value of efficient manufacturing practices. And today, the rise of globalization makes achieving operational efficiency even more important. With globalization comes more competition, stringent regional compliance regulations, and more diverse customer demands. For companies that are not operating efficiently, all of this can mean a decrease in profits.

But for the savvy manufacturer, globalization can mean new opportunities to increase

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High Tech Industry

Companies in the high-tech manufacturing and service segments face daily upheaval and change. The rate of innovation and intense competition demand superior insight and extreme agility in the race to achieve first-to-market positioning.

Meanwhile, only deft control of complex value networks can hold down costs and fight price erosion while helping ensure the flawless process integration required for success. Small to midsize companies that can’t seize opportunities and thrive in such volatile

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Construction Industry

Successful construction companies must juggle a complex collection of resources, trading partners, management processes, and regulatory requirements to meet customer demands. In today’s rapidly changing and increasingly complex marketplace, small and midsize construction companies often find themselves responding to the latest crisis and barely keeping up with growth, sometimes at the expense of healthy profits.

For the perceptive builder, however, the same challenges can translate into

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Food and Beverage Industry

Regulatory compliance is costly, especially for small and midsize companies. But it’s also an opportunity—an opportunity to improve your business processes, provide comprehensive service, and deliver significant value to your customers.

The question is how do you adapt your business to meet customer and regulatory demands in an affordable way, but still grow your business? Successful food and beverage companies are taking advantage of technology to build agile business processes and

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Consumer Packaged Goods

It used to be that supplying the right product at the right time was enough to be successful. Today, your company must do more. Trends such as customer self-service, strategic sourcing, and fee-based services and pricing are challenging small and midsize businesses to think in new ways about their business, their relationships, and the value they provide in the supply chain.

But for the savvy distributor and manufacturer, these changes and challenges are creating opportunities too—to increase

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The Role Tailored Integrated Business Planning Model (RTIBPM) is the extension of the Microsoft Dynamics Customer Model that has been developed in order to build Integrated Business Planning System based on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV product. RTIBPM consist of Persona Definitions, Integrated Business Planning Process Model and a set of Templates to support processes. 15 Persona roles were adjusted to fit the process model that includes 17 base processes with over 80 tasks. Each persona is assigned to multiple steps that require producing one or multiple documents.

For customers who will purchase IBP V1.0 by January 1st, 2010 we offer free upgrade to IBP V2.0 and 50% discount on any development improvements required until V2.0 is released.    

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RealTime Advanced Scheduler extends the standard Navision scheduler functionality and transforms it into an ultimate PDF report delivery engine with flexible setup and filtering options. Multiple Schedulers can run in the same Dynamics NAV database and deliver reports in PDF format through e-mail or run codeunits based on predefined times. Scheduler allows send commands through e-mails from external users. The advanced security allows the user to setup Data and Report permissions based on the user e-mails.

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The Sales & Profitability Reporting tool allows the user to build multi-dimensional analytical reports based on their item sales data. Any field from the Item, Customer or Sales Document can be used as an analytical dimension for reporting. The system does not require any programming and allows the user to build "on the fly" industry standard profitability reports.

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The Cash Flow Management Tool is designed to help companies Budget, Execute and Control cash flow from operation activities. The Integration with the Credit Management Tool and Operation Management Tool allows the company to have real time views in the company's current and future cash flow.

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BevERP was developed specifically for beverage bottling and distribution companies. The system combines the standard functionality of Microsoft Business Solutions NAV with beverage specific modules developed based on “Best in Industry” practices. BevERP allows companies to substantially decrease the cost of operations and increase customer service by optimizing internal and external business processes.

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